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Sir Michael Lyons in his review on the 27th October 2015 made 19 recommendations to Nominet regarding the Governance of the company.  The report and response by Nominet were published on the 4th February 2016 in an email to members.

The Nominet board response to the Lyons report can be summarized below
(10 recommendations they already consider complete and closed):

Lyons RecommendationNominet Response
1. The Nominet board need to extend efforts to effectively engage with the membership. A key part of this is the development of a strong, clear narrative for the membership about the company’s future.Status: ongoing
2. Nominet should define and agree its public purposes.Status: ongoing
3. Consider the introduction of a competitive impact test as regards the introduction of new products and services, particularly focused on the impact upon members.Status: ongoing
4. The company should discuss with its membership the most appropriate channels for future communication between the board and the membership.Status: ongoing
5. Nominet should reconsider the link between membership and discounted domain registration fees.Status: closed
6. The company should strengthen relationships with other stakeholders, including a wide a range of voices representing different end users and organisations interested in the future development of the internet and digital economy. The results of this dialogue should be shared with members.Status: ongoing
7. Nominet should clarify its own view of its regulatory responsibilities and ensure this is carefully and consistently reflected in all future public statements.Status: closed
8. Nominet should establish separate, more open, arrangements for consultation and dialogue with Government and finds ways of reporting conclusions emerging from those discussions to the membership.
Status: ongoing
9. Nominet should continue to play an active part in national and international debate about the future of the internet and especially any steps to bring new regulation. Status: closed
10. Nominet should review the structure of the board’s working parties and sub-committees with a view to reducing its complexity.Status: closed
11. The board may wish to consider whether any immediate steps would help to further demonstrate its commitment to the protection and enhancement of the ccTLD registry function and to ring-fence the financial risks involved in diversification.
Status: ongoing
12. Nominet should define board positions in terms of the skills needed.Status: closed
13. The board should consider stepping back from being so closely involved in issuing advice on preferred candidates but should, instead, be clear about the characteristics and skills that it needs for the future of the company and invite all candidates to indicate how they measure up against those skills. Status: closed
14. The Board should not now seek to make changes to the current pattern of non-executive directors but instead strengthen the skills around the table for sub-committees and subsidiary companies.Status: closed
15. The Board should consider the addition of an executive finance director to the main board.
Status: closed
16. The Board should actively plan board succession in order that the term of office of board members does not have to be extended.
Status: closed
17. Nominet should adopt the key principle of “comply or explain” as regards the UK Corporate Governance Code.Status: ongoing
18. Nominet should make public the KPIs by which it holds the executive to account reflecting at the minimum registry costs and progress with diversification.Status: ongoing
19. The Board should consider the current balance of executive representation on the board.Status: closed

Lyons Review – 27th October 2015
Nominet Board Repsonse – 4th February 2016

Members are encouraged to attend the AGM on the 28th April 2016 to raise questions regarding these recommendations.

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