Recommendation 1 – membership engagement – status on this is “ongoing” – what does that actually mean? What are Nominet going to do to satisfy this recommendation?

Recommendation 2 – define Nominet’s public purpose – the board agree on this and seem to be drafting it for the March meeting – why is this not going out to public consultation?

Recommendation 3 – competitive impact test with focus on members – How has the price rise impacted members? How is spending money on projects like Turing impacting members at the moment?

Recommendation 4 – communication between the board and the membership – the board mentions “nom-announce” and “invites to events” are not working well enough – what are they going to do about it ?

Recommendation 5 – reconsider the link between membership and discounted domain registration fees – Nominet have said no we are not going to do this” – what gives the the board the right to say that when a highly respected independent expert has told them to look at it ?

Recommendation 6 – review wider stakeholder engagement – same as recommendation one but for non-members – what are they going to do about it ?

Recommendation 7 – Nominet should clarify its regulatory responsibilities – how can they do that when it is doing things like taking out domain names for criminal activity?

Recommendation 8 – more consultation with government – Nominet talks about the “.uk stakeholder committee” here – is it actually time to bring back some kind of appointed PAB with Government representatives and reports? Also there is a whole section in the Lyons report going on about everything from Channel 4 to the BBC – what does this mean for members?

Recommendation 9 – national and international internet governance – does Nominet now need to start doing more here in actually hosting the meetings and getting representatives on ICANN and IGF committees?

Recommendation 10 – review the structure of the board’s working parties and sub-committees – Nominet seems to have just ignored this in their response ? Why ?

Recommendation 11 – ring fence the financial risks involved in diversification – it seems Nominet is trying to explain this in the concentric circle diagram in the CEO blog post here – is this enough though ? Does Nominet actually need to be split in to two companies like New Zealand (.nz)?

Recommendation 12 – skills required on the board – Nominet seems to be saying there is nothing wrong here and yet Lyons doesn’t agree? What is wrong with the current skills on the board? Who has the financial experience on the current board?

Recommendation 13 – stop recommending candidates for the board – is it actually time to change the voting structure here and stop all this mistrust ?

Recommendation 14 – improve the skills on sub-committees and subsidiary companies. Who was responsible for Nominet Registrar Services Ltd (NRS) effectively having to be shut down? Who is running Nominet US inc?

Recommendation 15 – make the finance director an executive – why is the FD reporting to the COO? There is currently a spare executive seat on the board as Nominet hasn’t hired a CCO?

Recommendation 16 – plan board succession – what is Nominet doing to recruit a new chair ? What is Nominet doing to even recruit suitable elected members with the skills required (see recommendation 13) ?

Recommendation 17 – adopt the UK corporate governance code – If you read the code here. You can see things in there like remuneration and NEDs shouldn’t stay on the board for more than six years. Do Nominet’s articles and sub-committees need to change to be in-line with the code?

Recommendation 18 – make public the KPIs by which the executive is held to account – when will they be published?

Recommendation 19 – the board should reconsider the number of executives on the board – again Nominet ignored this – why? Does Nominet need a supervisory board like Denic (.de) have ?

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